Does Reality Require Consciousness to Exist?

Today I want to bring your attention to an interesting clip in which the Jungian psychologist Jordan B. Peterson considers the possibility that reality requires consciousness to exist. (below)

The difficulty of explaining consciousness in objective scientific terms has led Peterson to consider that consciousness could be a primary element of existence. For Peterson, reality itself becomes an incoherent notion without some concept of experience.

He also discusses the value of physicist John Wheeler's idea of a consciousness-involving reality based in quantum physics (Wheeler's theory is the subject of this documentary).

Peterson identifies consciousness as possessing intrinsic value and as a quality that pre-moderns attributed to the divine spark present in all beings. The result is that today, possession of consciousness has come to underlie our society's laws - although this fact is often unrecognized.

It's an interesting clip, and it raises the question - If reality requires consciousness, and consciousness is what we really are, then there is a sense in which life plays a constitutive role in the universe's existence.